In early 2018 a group of people from the Headford environs got together to discuss the development of the arts in the area and more specifically how this could be enhanced for the betterment of those currently working & studying in the area and also how future generations could and should benefit from measures taken by those working in the field today.

To date this group has been led by those working within the performing arts world (music teachers/performers/composers/producers/directors etc) alongside a number of others drawn from outside the arts who have in the past shown a deep interest and commitment in the development of Headford economically, culturally etc.


Following initial scoping meetings and later presentations to potential external funders, a limited company was formed called CREATE Movement Ltd.

The Directors of this company are Eric Cunningham & Mairead Berrill with John Mc Grath as Secretary and Councillor Mary Hoade acting as the Chairperson of the extended CREATE Committee.

The group has outlined a number of objectives and targets and those involved to date want to embrace all those who are working in the creative industries or who have a love for all things artistic/creative.

During 2019 the group propelling CREATE forward will be broadened to encompass representatives from a variety of artistic disciplines and activities occurring in the Headford environs. It was also agreed that an extensive database of the individuals and organisations in the area will help shape ideas on where these potential Members should be drawn from.


The ultimate objective of the CREATE Movement is to build a bespoke facility in Headford which will be known as the Centre for Recreation, Education, Arts, Technology & Engagement (or CREATE (the acronym) in short). It is envisaged that CREATE will cater for the specific needs of the wider artistic community but also become a place for those who may not be practitioners but are lovers of the arts and deserve a bespoke facility to enjoy classes, performances, demonstrations, talks, exhibitions, engagement of many types etc…all in a proper setting. Indeed by having a bespoke facility in Headford we would envisage that those who are not engaging with the arts in any meaningful way to date may be drawn to the endeavours of the artistic community later and the overall numbers interacting with the creative practitioners in the area will increase.


As part of our initial work we have discussed the fact that there is no all-encapsulating database or resource that lists all those who are working within the arts in the greater Headford area and as a result there is no direct way for people to communicate with one another or indeed for the public to engage with those who they might wish to but are unknown to them personally. We would like to think that this marketing and information sharing would also lead to increased business for those working in the sector also.

As a result of the aforementioned, we have begun work on compiling a database of all such practitioners. This will include all those working within a variety of artistic fields (performing arts, literature, visual arts, applied arts, culinary arts etc).


In addition to all those working within in the creative community we would also like to include individuals/groups/organisations that provide Recreation, Education, Arts, Technology & Engagement services to those living in the Headford area. These are the areas embodied in the acronym CREATE.

We are using the catchment area of Presentation College Headford as the boundary lines for those who should be included from a geographical point.

If you feel you fit the above criteria we would be delighted to include you or your organisation in this database which we plan to make available online and as part of a freely & widely distributed booklet.

We would like that everyone’s entry bears a common structure so if you wish to be included we would be grateful if you could send us the following:


Please note, that by giving us your information we are of the understanding that you are happy that we make this information available publicly. It will be necessary for us to edit any submissions, without further contact, that do not fit within the allocated space.

If for some reason the committee decide you do not meet the criteria (due to location, activity etc) then we will make contact personally.

When we have all of the information complied we will be in touch then to move to the next stage of our engagement.

Thanks for your co-operation. CREATE