CREATE is an acronym for the proposed Centre for Recreation, Education, Arts, Technology and Engagement at Headford, Co Galway.

There are many cities, towns and villages in Ireland that are synonymous with certain industrial activities or unique local characteristics associated with its people, its landscape, its sporting and cultural traditions - the north Galway town of Headford is no different.

What is obvious to many is that the numbers of creative people residing in the Headford environs, and the obvious prowess they hold within their chosen fields is becoming more and more prevalent as each day passes. Without doubt, Headford being a home for the arts is also certainly firmly etched in the psyche of those who inhabit the area itself but are not directly involved in the creative world. It is also very apparent that the numbers of young people engaging with the arts is far greater in Headford than other areas of similar size and economic capacity.

During any given week there are a myriad of creative practitioners working independently and collectively in the area with one modus operandi…they all wish to CREATE something.

The current creative eco system in the area needs to be given succour and impetus for it to grow and to propel it into the future. Identified as one of the most important requirements both now and for future generations is the need for a bespoke building to be established in Headford where current and future needs are addressed and met.

For many creative people, being in the right working environment significantly encourages artistic output and inspiration. In essence there is a need for a ‘space’ where the meeting of minds and a cross pollination of creative ideas within one purpose built building will unearth additional practitioners, unleash new and exciting artistic and entrepreneurial ideas, forge new creative alliances, increase student numbers and lead to increased audience development. It is envisaged that CREATE will become a nexus of shared spaces promoting an environment of collaboration and creativity at all times. Not least of all, this is something that has the potential to be a source of great recreation and engagement for the wider community as a whole while contributing significantly to the local Headford economy.

In order to ensure the above objectives are met and that the arts and creative industries in Headford prosper going forward, a limited company together with a steering group, made up of creative and business minds has been formed to formulate a multi-phased plan which includes the establishment of this bespoke building for Headford along with many other creative endeavours. Together, as the CREATE movement, we believe we can achieve great things.

I imagine… 
I inspire…

Watch this space…

In the interim, ahead of the building phase, additional initiatives will be be undertaken by the CREATE movement (and highlighted here) to ensure the aforementioned goals and many others are achieved.


CREATE Movement Ltd.

Directors: Eric Cunningham, Mairéad Berrill

Chairperson: Cllr. Mary Hoade

Secretary: John Mc Grath

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